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Search Engine Optimisation FAQs

Welcome to the Top1position Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Here you can find the answers to some common Search Engine Optimisation questions, but don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries.

How much does it cost?

Through extensive research we have defined a simple, one stop, packaged solution for every business. Of course we understand there will be differences in the requirements and budgets of each of our clients, but our SEO Packages guarantee results.

Take a look at our package pages (linked along the left hand side of the site) for prices.

I want to be number 1 in Google!

Don’t we all! As part of any SEO solution, we offer we always help you decide on the best SEO strategy for you and your business.

After defining your aims and objectives, we work with you to create a tailored SEO plan for you and your business. Our aim is to forge a long term SEO strategy for your business, not a quick fix.

Why does my site need to be optimized?

Optimising your website means that you will appear much more highly in the top search engine results pages (Google, Bing/MSN, Yahoo) when potential customers search for businesses and services that you’re offering. Showing up more highly in search engine results drives more potential customers to your website.

Why should I use top1 position  over the many other online marketing agencies?

Top1position are the specialist marketing division of, an internationally based company specializing in all aspects of marketing and promotion.

Fiverivers has evolved considerably over the last few years, now offering Search Engine Marketing, Targeted Internet Marketing, SEO Consulting and Top 10 Search Engine Ranking services on Google, Yahoo & Bing (MSN) for websites.

Our specialty is Reactive SEO, where our team actively manages your account and budget based on user trends and new technologies.

Why SEO is important for my site?

SEO is not just a way to rank highly in search engines, but is also a way to drive more traffic to your website. We use tested search engine optimisation techniques and our search engine marketing knowledge to ensure maximum online visibility for your business within the major search engines.

How can I get thousands of visitors to my website?

The easy and best way to get visitors to your website is by obtaining high search results in the major search engines. You will increase your chances of getting good rankings by optimizing your web pages effectively, which is where Top1position comes in.

Our SEO techniques and strategies will ensure that you get increased numbers of people visiting your website. This will lead to increases sales of your business products and services.

What are the key methods SEO methods to improving website performance?

There are hundreds of different ways to boost the performance of a website. We use the most effective SEO methods to achieve high performance. Depending on website requirements and specifications, our team analyse and consider all factors carefully to get your site performing well in the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Tell me something about your SEO strategies.

The SEO strategies we use depend very much on your budget and in which industry the client is operating. We also analyze and determine how strong and active your competitors are. We offer professional and individual search engine optimisation services for your business.

Why should I choose your SEO services?

With our SEO services you can get draw visitors who are actively looking for your product or service directly to your website. Our expert team of SEO professionals knows what techniques work best, and know exactly how to draw more potential customers to your site for the lowest costs.

We only use proven SEO techniques. Our SEO work has only ever resulted in higher search engine positions for our clients’ websites. The better your website ranks, the more traffic it will get.

How much time you will take to optimise my site?

This depends upon the competitive nature of the keywords which you want to optimise but you can expect to start noticing results after about 4 months.

You will undoubtedly see improvements in your SEO positions after the initial optimisation of your site. We are internet marketing professionals and work with all sizes of UK business to increase profits from online marketing using a variety of methods.

Why is link building important when trying to get high search engine rankings?

Link building is a very important factor in search engine optimisation. The number of related and quality links pointing to your site is taken into consideration by search engines when deciding how highly to rank your site. Quality link building results in more targeted traffic to your website.

How will you submit my site to search engines?

Fiverivers prefer to submit your website manually to top search engines and is more effective than any software available. This ensures that your website gets indexed correctly.

Are top results guaranteed when I choose one of your SEO Packages?

We don’t promise unrealistic goals but we do use the most effective SEO techniques to boost your website traffic and reduce internet marketing costs.

When you have chosen one of our SEO packages, our dedicated team will carry out in-depth analysis of the current state of your site. They will carry out the research and analysis of your website using various parameters. Our different professional SEO services will improve traffic to the website.

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