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All our testimonials are genuine and come from the different clients. Some testimonials from our customers are here.

"I got two encounters booked today off the site and you just launched it!!!! One for an 8hrs with a gentleman from Vermont coming here on business, and the other for a 2hr with a gentleman coming in for business from S.C.!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! They both commented how great looking the site was and loved the gallery!!!!!!!! How the heck did you get me right to the top of Google?

YOU ROCK!!!!!!! Hopefully they keep coming. Can you tell I am psyched!!!!! Thank you for all your patience, help, and guidance, I truly appreciate it a lot!!!! And needed it!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! "



"I do not even know where to star but I am happy I found a Great Webmaster. I have had several others webmaster before finding EWD. I love working with them. They are very responsible , always on time for any kind of request, extremely knowledgeable of the business and finally very responsible. My list could go on but I want to keep it short and to the point. They are extremely good and will not disappoint you !!! luv You Guys and I hope you business prospers more and more. "

Monica NYC


"hi, I would like to say that you are an amazing person and webmaster. you have paved the way for me in my business. there are a lot of web designers out there and i have been browsing through so many and none of them would even give me the time of day! they say let me get back too me or there prices are out rages. when i came across escortwebsitedesign i called the number and you picked up. my website was up and running in a week. i could not believe it and would you also believe that it paid for it self in two days yes just 2 days. ive been getting calls and e-mails all day long and could not keep up with all these clients. i am an independent escort i had to call 1 of my friends too help me in this matter. in closing i would like to say you are always there for me.  i can not believe how successful, my business has become since i came across his website. he is a true professional, friend and an artist. again thank you so very much david.
lov from karen"

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you put into my website. I really appreciate all the energy, passion, and creativity you showed with endless ideas and possibilities. It was great having a "male" perspective to guide me and fine tune my ideas and pictures though the process. You were always available to answer my questions and to make a last minute changes. I love what youve done and it looks amazing. My clients love it and it is exactly what I wanted."

Thank you so much, Katiya


"I have waited a long time searching for a professional web designer; One that was professional and still reasonable. I am very pleased with the outcome on my website. David is fabulous to work with and insightful, his ideas and design are pleasing to both myself and my client base. I have received many compliments on my site and I am happy he made the process easy and quick. I look forward to our continuing working relationship. He is the best!!!"

-Summer (from Los Angeles)


"Starting my own escort website has made a big difference in my business. It is always working for me and now my clients can view my schedule, make appointments and keep in touch, all without endless rounds of phone tag."



"From start to finish, Escort Website Design was prompt, thorough, and easy to work with. They allowed me maximum control, combined the features I required, and used creative design to produce a site that was both visually stunning and functionally smart. Escort Website Design produced an impressive website for an excellent price! "

xoxo Cashlin

"Hey by the way, I just wanted to say thanks for doing such an outstanding job on increasing my sites rank and visibility. I realize it takes time, but considering there is already significant improvement I don doubt the end results will be excellent."



" "I didn realize how much business I was inadvertently turning away when my Hotmail and Yahoo mailboxes were full and rejecting email. With my new unlimited anywhere, anytime email, I don miss a note."

Thks Tiffany

"Working with Escort Website Design to have a new site created was so easy and uncomplicated! The professionalism and expertise shown throughout the process was fabulous. They worked diligently with me to grasp the overall image I wanted portrayed on my site and creatively gave me far more than I expected. I would highly recommend Escort Website Design to anyone seeking a high quality, result-oriented website!"

Thanks Again Jewel


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